Attic Insulation FAQs

What are the current building regulations for Attic Insulation?

The current minimum requirement is a U value of 0.16w/m2k.  This can be achieved by using 300mm of roll out or blown attic insulation.  There are many different brands on the market and McHugh Insulation has a wide range of products to choose from.  To see which one suits your requirements best have a look at our technical page.

Do I need to remove the old Attic Insulation?

No, there is no need to remove the old insulation as it still has some insulation properties left.  You should however top this insulation up to the 300mm (12 inches) required by the current building guidelines.

What about the pipes and water tanks in my attic?

All pipes extruding from the insulation must be insulated to prevent from freezing, the same applies to the water tanks in the attic space.  McHugh Insulation install these as standard when insulating your attic so you need not worry about this!

I Have recessed lighting can I cover them up?

No, as there can be a lot of heat generated by recessed lights there is a risk of them over heating or catching fire.  McHugh Insulation use an earthen flower pot to keep the insulation away from the recessed light unit so that there is no build up of heat.

I have flooring in my attic for storage can I keep this?

Yes.  You must have the same level of insulation throughout the attic so it is important that you either raise the existing flooring and insulate underneath or use McHugh Insulation's insulated flooring pods to main the same quality of insulation on the attic floor.

How long will the work take?

Most attics can be insulated within about two hours, where flooring needs to be raised it will take longer.

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