Attic Insulation


Attic Insulation
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Around 25 per cent of heat is lost through the roof of your home.  By simply insulating your loft, you will not only be making your home more energy efficient, saving around €130 per year on your energy bills, but you will also make your home warmer and more comfortable to live in as well as doing your bit in reducing green house gases.

With ever increasing fuel prices set to rise year after year, you need to act now to combat heat loss.

Building regulations stipulate that to meet today's standards your attic should have a minimum of 12 inches (300mm) of insulation. If your attic insulation does not meet these standards and you would like to understand how we can go about helping you get to a higher standard, please call us on 022-22102 to request a free home energy survey.


Did you know that there are grants available to insulate your attic?  The SEAI's Better Energy Homes Scheme is running until the end of 2013 so don't delay, get in contact with McHugh Insulation to get your free home energy survey and let us apply for your grant!  As well as that we will wait for the grant money so that you don't have to!

Our qualified advisor will survey your property and let you know what simple measures your property requires to meet the current building regulations and inform you of what grants or discounts are available in your area. To find out more about attic insulation take a look at our Technical page.


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